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Timed Sessions
Challenge your friends to compete for the fastest time to Complete the course.
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Physical Fitness
The best possibility to demonstrate your physical prowess and get fitter.
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We've implemented all necessary safety measures to guarantee you can push your limits with peace of mind.

The Ultimate Indoor Adventure

The largest indoor playground on the island. Safety is paramount here, with soft, cushioned ground coverings and meticulously maintained equipment ensuring peace of mind for parents. The entire space is thoughtfully arranged to allow parents to relax while their children create memories and friendships.

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  • 30-minute session €5.00 Monday to Thursday
  • 30-minute session €6.00 Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays
  • 60-minute session €8.00 Monday to Thursday
  • 60-minute session €9.00 Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays
  • 50 child capacity
  • Booking available without restrictions up to 22:00.
  • Player to be in designated area at least 10 minutes before start time.
  • Read Playtopia’s Terms & Conditions here. 
Planet Play Mercury Shoot Part 2 2nd April 2024 (159)

Opening Hours

11:00 – 22:00


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Planet Play is situated in the trendiest entertainment and shopping hub on the island, Mercury Shopping District, right in the centre of Paceville.


Mercury Shopping District
Planet Play, B1,
St George’s Road, St Julian’s